We, Like Flowers…

We, like flowers, come in different colors, shapes and sizes.  We are gazed upon for our outward beauty and appear to be delicate, fragile, simple.
But, there is so much more to us.  It does not matter where we are placed, as the centerpiece or hidden in a corner, we know how to adorn a room.  Effortlessly drawing attention, exuding intoxicating fragrances of love, peace, excitement, and tranquility are we, women, like flowers.

“You are wonderfully and fearfully made.”   I’ve heard this, read this, believed this, spoken it to friends, youth, taught it to my children and struggled with this scripture, proverb, phrase.  On a good day, you can’t tell me I’m not made just the way I’m supposed to be and I walk in that truth.  However, on a not-so-good day when I’ve watched a little too much television, perused social media more than I’d care to admit, or used my reading time to quickly flip through magazines, I find myself questioning if I’m the right size, shape or color.  Oh, how things might be better if I were different than I am are the lies I allow to entertain my thoughts.  I join a competition I never intended to enter.   After much deliberation, I come to my senses and confirm, what I know. Yes, I am wonderfully and fearfully made.

Women have been told to look a certain way, an acceptable way.  Whatever it takes, it doesn’t matter if we have to spend money we don’t have on weight-loss programs or plastic surgery we can’t afford as long as we obtain “the look”.  While I support looking our best, I do not agree we all need to look the same.  How boring would that be?   Everyone  was not born with “perfect” model genes just like everyone was not born with perfect science or math genes.  Long hair, short hair, makeup, no makeup, latest fashion or 70’s fashion, I have found the people who embrace who they are, brains, skin, body image alike, are the people who are truly living.

We are the perfect flower in this garden of life exuding a fragrance so powerful we draw attention to ourselves by simply being the beauties we are.  We, women, like flowers, are naturally beautiful.


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